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TimeSorters is fully insured and is a proud member of:
American Association for State and Local History
Virginia Conservation Association
National Association of Professional Organizers
National Association of Senior Move Managers
Tired of not knowing what to do with those important family history papers and objects?
Concerned that your heirlooms and legacy are being lost to the ravages of time?
Want your family's heritage organized and preserved so you can find what you have and know that it's safe?

TimeSorters can help. We offer high-quality  organization, preservation and digitization services for all of your history items. Your personal Heritage Preservation Specialist - an historian professionally trained and experienced in collection care - will guide you through options and services that will give you peace of mind and help ensure a legacy that will last for generations to come!

Some examples of our work:

Torn document with missing pieces
Digitized document
1903 Scrapbook
Display your memorabilia safely and securely
Uniform needing preservation and safe storage
Military uniform in safe storage box and preserved
Digitally Restored Photograph Before and After
Photograph damaged and discolored
Photograph after digital restoration
Damaged Porceline Tile with Photograph Digitally Restored Before and After
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