Preservation Specialists

Our Services

Using museum-quality materials and standards, TimeSorters will organize and preserve:

*  Family papers, such as: letters, wills, diaries, land grants, contracts,
   blueprints, etc.

*  Photos and photo albums

*  Film negatives and Slides

Objects of almost any size from military medals and pins, to gowns
   and quilts.  Just tell us what you have!

Other services include:

*  Digitization of photos and paper materials *

*  Oral histories (audio file and/or transcribed)

* TimeSorters can also repair scratches and discoloring of photos - and print new high-quality copies for display.
BEFORE:  A damaged and discolored prom photo.

AFTER:  With color restored and damage repaired
Lost a cherished picture but have a negative?  TimeSorters can even produce positive photo images from your old negatives!

"What if I decide to donate or sell some of my items?"  TimeSorters'  network of museums and appraisers can help ensure you have safe and reliable options.